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Become a Friend of Markey Park

 About Friends of Markey Park Sponsorship 

We welcome all people interested in the improvement of Markey Park to become a Friend of Markey Park! Sponsorship is open to everyone aged 18 or over, whether you live in Bywater or not.

Sponsorships are monthly donations that go towards helping to cover the cost of park maintenance and improvements. Your selected contribution amount will automatically be charged monthly through the BNA’s PayPal account. If you wish to make a one-time donation or more substantial contribution please use the DONATE button below.

Monthly Sponsorship Levels 

    • Acorn: $10
    • Sprout: $20
    • Sapling: $40
    • Small Tree: $80
    • Mature Oak: $120

Make sure to use the SUBSCRIBE button below to register for monthly donations. If you use the “Donate” button above, it will only be a one-time contribution. See instructions below:

  1. Select your monthly contribution level from the drop-down list by clicking in the box.
  2. Click the yellow SUBSCRIBE button.
  3. You will be re-directed to a PayPal “Check Out” webpage
  4. You may either subscribe using a debit or credit card (left option-grey button) OR login to your PayPal account if you have one already (right option – yellow button)
  5. If you choose to subscribe using a debit or credit card, you will be given the option to create a PayPal account and save your info, but not necessary.
  6. Finally, you should be re-directed to a THANK YOU page on the BNA website once your subscription has been successfully completed.

If you have questions or issues, you may contact us at for assistance.

Sponsorship Levels

Your generous contributions will go towards:

    • Contracted monthly maintenance and park upkeep
    • Cost of maintenance materials and supplies (fertilizer, mulch, soil, etc.)
    • Fresh seasonal plantings/flowers
    • Regular bamboo trimming and upkeep
    • New irrigation system for flower/plant beds
    • Additional tables and seating under oak trees
  • Below are renderings created by New Orleans-based award-winning landscape architecture firm, Spackman Mossop Michaels (SMM), who have donated their professional services as well as becoming a Friends of Markey Park member. These renderings are based on feedback received from residents during community engagement workshops held in the Summer of 2018 by the BNA with support from SMM.  The goal of these workshops was to give residents an opportunity to incorporate their input and create a cohesive vision for future improvements to Markey Park. Some of the most requested elements by residents included taming overgrown bamboo, adding colorful flowers to plant beds, additional seating and tables in shady areas, public art,  lighting, and community events like movie night in the park.
  • (click images for larger view)

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